Taking the Stress Out of Inspection Readiness

Have you ever thought about how your team may interact with a regulator? Is your team prepared to speak about study events, including their responsibilities and contributions to study activities?  Does everyone who may be called upon during an inspection know where to find information that supports the evidence of study activities? Do these questions make you feel a bit uneasy?  Let us help your team get prepared!

Don’t have an upcoming inspection, but have gaps in your inspection preparedness activities and processes?  Now is the time to work toward closing those gaps and sharpening processes.  Just in Time GCP has extensive experience supporting organizations like yours in ensuring that your team, your TMF, and your organization are inspection prepared.  Reach out for more information on how we can partner with you!


For a detailed presentation that includes tips for turning chaos into calm when preparing for a regulatory inspection, join our prerecorded webinar!

TMF Inspection Readiness From Chaos to Calm

-Laura Wiggins

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