Just In Time GCP Continues to Grow its Business and Technology Solutions at Veeva Summit

This past week Just in Time GCP participated in Veeva’s 2023 R&D summit in Boston as a Gold Sponsor. It was an incredible opportunity to meet and talk with other partners and users of the Veeva Platform. Veeva hosted thought-provoking sessions where industry leaders shared their experience leveraging Veeva product suites to streamline their own internal processes and push clinical research forward. The product roadmaps shared by Veeva created excitement around the future of technology in this space and got people talking. In the Innovation Hub, a plethora of learning opportunities were open to all through Veeva Demos and Partner Booths.

What did we learn?

Veeva continues to innovate and grow their product offerings in order to provide a comprehensive end to end solution for clinical research technology. As their products continue to adapt to the changing needs of our industry, Veeva has taken an even more focused approach to delivering exciting integrations between their product suites. This will allow functional areas and partners to more efficiently collaborate and perform their jobs within the vault product that best fits their needs. In one of the sessions, industry leaders discussed building a “Veeva Center of Excellence” to help develop and maintain a streamlined infrastructure across platforms and identify areas of opportunity to integrate data streams between products. While this is relevant for larger companies with many Veeva solutions in place, it is also important for small/mid-size companies to begin thinking about their plan for expanding their technology solutions and the processes that support them.

One of the new features announced at Summit was Action Layouts. Action Layouts offer a new opportunity for organizations to customize the layout of a given page based on the status/state of the item associated with the page. This impacts both the page layout and, if desired, instruction text for what needs to be done. For example, when looking at a Study within Veeva Vault eTMF, Action Layouts will allow you to have one view at Candidate status, one at Planning, one at Active, one at Closing, etc. This will allow users to have less cluttered views of these items and only see panels with information they need to complete work in at a given stage. By offering cleaner, more concise views, Veeva is helping drive process compliance and help users understand their specific responsibilities.

Just in Time GCP is excited to continue our partnership with Veeva to provide business and technology solutions to our clients. At Just in Time GCP, we pride ourselves in meeting our clients where they are at, whether you’re just starting portfolio development or preparing for an inspection, we have the people and process to support you.


~Jim Markley, Associate Director Consulting

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